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Contact Samatra Downing  Samatra Downing (415) 330-1500 ex: 1101 School Social Worker
Contact Cesar E Flores  Cesar E Flores Student Advisor
Contact Natalie Kha  Natalie Kha Academic Counselor
Contact Clifton Szeto  Clifton Szeto Head Counselor

Student Support Department

The Counseling Department (Room 102) is here to help you!  Every counselor is here to help you if you are struggling with your classes academically, if you are having problems with your peers or teachers, and if you are struggling with something personal to you or your family.  Someone in the Counseling Office will always be here to listen to you, talk to you, and guide you to make the right decisions.  


Counseling Staff

Mr. Szeto: Head Counselor

Mr. Flores: Student Advisor

Ms. Wong: Head Counselor

Ms. Downing: School Social Worker

John Michael Williams: YMCA Case Manager