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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff


Castro, Dinora
Assistant Principal
Essien, Michael
Wheeler, Erin
Instructional Reform Facilitator


Chieng, Ally
School Secretary
Colvin, Maria
School Secretary


Bergmann, Marissa Teacher
Bernhardt, Daniel Teacher - 6th Grade Science
Boyd, Brady Teacher
Bryson, Derrek L. Teacher - 6th Grade Social Studies
Butcher, Lenda Teacher - Physical Education
Calloway, Ronald Teacher - Physical Education
Carrasco, Carlos Teacher - All Grades
Carter, Kathryn Teacher - 7th Grade Language Arts
Chang, Charles Teacher - 7th Grade Math
Davidson, Christopher Staff
Delfino, Diana Teacher - Physical Education
Erling, Samantha Teacher
Founds, Jennifer Teacher - 8th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Glenn, Jennea Teacher
Hemminger, Michelle Teacher - 6th Grade Language Arts
Hu, Weiting Teacher - 8th Grade Math
Hugo, Katherine Teacher
Kennedy, James Teacher
Knox, Mitchell Teacher - 7th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
La, Kristin Teacher - 8th Grade Science
Lovett, Justin Teacher
Oliver, Aaron Teacher
Roberds, Anna Teacher - 6th Grade Math
Sampson, Colleen Teacher
Sberlo, Tamar Peer Resources Teacher and Coordinator
Schickenberg, Michael Teacher
Shields, Harold Teacher
Sloane, Jeffrey Teacher - 7th Grade Science
Smith, Heidi Teacher - 7th Grade Math & Science
Walker, Eric Stanley Teacher
Woon, Timothy Teacher - 8th Grade Math

Student Support Team

Downing, Samatra
School Social Worker
Flores, Cesar E
Student Advisor
Kha, Natalie
Academic Counselor
Marracq, Antoinette
Head Counselor
Szeto, Clifton
Head Counselor
Williams, John-Michael


McManus, Emily
School Librarian

Family Partnerships Team

Hu, Leslie
Community School Coordinator
Li, ChunYin
Family Liaison


Fielding, Hegla
School Nurse

Bayview Beacon Staff

Ballard-Hanson, Sarah
Bayview Beacon Director
Jordan, Jacynta
Bayview Beacon MLK Site Director

Special Education Supports